Street Food in Bangladesh!! KEBAB FRY MOUNTAIN + Bangladeshi Food in Old Dhaka!


? Watch Day 1 in Bangladesh - Hilsa Fry:๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ Huge thanks to @Petuk Couple DHAKA, BANGLADESH - Welcome to Dhaka, and today weโ€™re going on an ultimate Bangladeshi street food tour of Old Dhaka (known locally as Puran Dhaka). Old Dhaka is known for its amazingly congested streets, energy, being the center of fabric trade, and also for its amazing history of food - especially meats. Along with @Petuk Couple and friends we are eating at the legendary street food spots! ) - First up we took a cycle rickshaw directly to Haji Biriyani, since 1939, and probably the most famous biryani in all of Old Dhaka. Their biryani is unlike any other biryani Iโ€™ve had, fluffy like a could, fragrant from mustard oil and green chilies, and meaty. So good, itโ€™s a place you have to eat when youโ€™re in Dhaka.Beauty Lacchi and Faluda - Next up, another legendary place for lacchi, similar to a lassi, and faluda. Their lacchi is sweet and sour, like an icy refreshing yogurt drink. Old Dhaka Breakfast snacks - Next up on this ultimate street food tour we had some local pastries which are popular for breakfast, right out of the tandoor.Hanif Biryani - Another legendary place for biryani in Old Dhaka is Hanif Biryani. Itโ€™s not as fluffy as Haji Biriyani, but has a nice fragrance of rose water.Bismillah Kabab Ghar - Another highlight of any Bengali street food tour in Old Dhaka is Bismillah Kabab Ghar where they specialize in all sorts of fried kebabs - they are not grilled kebabs as I would typically think, but more like stir fried kebabs full of spices, onions, and green chilies. Their kidney fry and chicken chop were outstanding.Mama Kabab House - Next up we went for grilled kebabs, an assortment of fire grilled chicken and mutton grilled until crispy.Grilled Fish - Everyone said it was a first for them to eat something other than meat in Old Dhaka, but the bbq fish was very tasty especially with all the chutneys.Fresh Juice - Youโ€™ll find an abundance of juice stalls in Old Dhaka, and one of the favorites in cashew milk - more like a milkshake of blended cashews.Fire Paan - Finally to complete this ultimate and extreme Bangladeshi street food tour in Old Dhaka we had fire pan!Friends in the video, go check them out:Petuk Couple: Intisar Dipto: ?MUSIC:

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