I WILL PROTECT YOU | Best Of Epic Music Mix | Beautiful Orchestral Music | Epic Musix Mix

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I WILL PROTECT YOU | Best Of Epic Music Mix | Beautiful Orchestral Music | Epic Musix Mix
Get into the zone and stay motivated with this powerful, yet inspiring collection of tracks that will keep you focused and energized. Let the energy fuel your passion and take your productivity to the next level!

Music provided by EMVN
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[00:00:00] - AM19_11_Pillars of Earth
[00:02:38] - AM19_01_New Beginning
[00:05:59] - AM08_22_The New World
[00:08:00] - AM08_18_Breath and Life
[00:09:48] - AM08_40_Army of Kings
[00:12:17] - AM20_05_The Final Hour
[00:14:22] - AM21_03_Ice of Phoenix
[00:18:09] - AM21_24_Legends of Destiny
[00:20:46] - AM27_24_Red October
[00:25:09] - AM27_49_When It All Falls Down
[00:29:17] - AM27_12_Being Alive
[00:33:40] - AM08_01_Eterna
[00:35:24] - AM08_10_Road to Glory
[00:37:17] - AM28_34_Ashes of Time
[00:40:26] - AM47_12_Leap of Faith
[00:43:50] - ATM019_06 Wanna Live
[00:47:07] - ATM062_04 Only the Brave
[00:50:10] - ATM062_07 Legends and Heroes
[00:52:53] - ATM062_11 Heroes of Justice
[00:56:07] - AM27_47_Between Heaven and Earth
[01:00:28] - AM28_07_Kingbreaker
[01:03:32] - AM19_21_Existence
[01:07:44] - AM19_07_100 Years War

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• All music on Epic War Music are copyrighted
• If you wish to use music from this channel, please contact the artist directly NOT ME.
• All music and images are copyrighted and belong to the respective owners.
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